• 香港品牌,創立於2018年

• 衣服均為香港製造,支持本地生產

• 衣料採用優質純棉,觸感柔軟順滑

• 服裝產品設計以動物為主題,讓寵主穿著或使用時就如心愛寵物陪伴左右

• 品牌支持領養,寵愛一生

• PETAHOLIC is a Hong Kong based lifestyle brand founded in 2018

• Made in Hong Kong. We support local manufacturing.

• All clothes are made of premium cotton – soft and supple, like your furry friends.

• All about animals

• We support “Adopt, Don’t Stop”. Pets are our friends for life forever.



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    [Cool Cat with Glasses] -貓咪圖案T-恤(男女合著)


    [If You Only Knew] -貓咪圖案T-恤(男女合著)


    [I’m not Fat] -貓咪圖案T-恤(男女合著)